Art and Culture

Lake Garda is a fusion of art and culture from different times. The traces of the Romans, the Scaligeri, the Venetians and the Austrians merge in the ancient mosaics, castles, churches, in the sumptuous palaces and villas and in the parks and gardens. The towns on the lakeshores are picturesque settings with piazzas, alleys, gardens, parks and water streams and form a harmonic landscape with the natural environment. A land that has been able to value its many artistic and cultural treasures, thanks protected sites and museums.

Europlan organizes many excursions to discover the splendid architecture, the uncontaminated nature, the timeless art and the sensational landscapes. Enjoy a day surrounded by the colourful scenery of Lake Garda with the lake  tour. A journey around the lake through the Roman, Scaliger, Venetian and Austrian ages, to give you the opportunity to catch all the lake beauties in one day. The elegant buildings, the picturesque villages and the marvellous views from the boat will stay in your heart forever.

Let yourself be enchanted by Verona, the city of love. Discover the mixture of Roman and Medieval architecture and arts. Piazza Bra, the Arena di Verona, Piazza Erbe, the Arche Scaligere, Piazza dei Signori and Juliet’s house, “There is no world without Verona walls” as said Shakespeare.

Visit the town with an aristocratic charm, rich in inestimable works of art, beloved by great artists such as Rubens and Mantegna and hometown of the Latin poet Virgil. Mantua was declared by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site in 2008 and it was the Italian Capital of Culture in 2016. A treasure of the Renaissance, surrounded and protected on the three sides by the lakes formed by Mincio River (Lago Superiore, Lago di Mezzo and Lago Inferiore).
You will also have the opportunity to take pleasure in Parco Giardino Sigurtà, a natural oasis of 60 hectares that won the price “Parco Più Bello d’Italia” (most beautiful park of Italy) in 2013. Walk through the maze, the avenue of roses and the great lawns and see the 18 ornamental lakes and ponds in the park. A real paradise on earth with a breath-taking scenery.

Try the “Wine tour – South“, a guided tour of the Ricchi winery to sample their wine surrounded by the enchanting amphitheatre of the Brescia moraine hills. This is the perfect location to have a taste of the best wines of the lake hinterland. You will not miss the opportunity to stop in Borghetto, a timeless pretty hamlet on the banks of the Mincio River with ancient but well restored watermills.

Enter the heart of Lagarina Valley with the “Wine Tour – Nord“, to discover the Grigoletti family winery. Visit the “Basilica”, its new splendid subterranean wine cellar and listen to the owner’s ardent explanation of winemaking while tasting some exquisite Trentino wines. Afterwards, another unique experience will be waiting for you at the elegant Cantina Ferrari, famous for its excellent sparkling wines.

Europlan takes you into the hearts of the famous art cities and to the wonders of Mother Nature. You will be accompanied by experienced and qualified local travel guides, who offer a quality service with attention to detail thanks to their deep knowledge of the territory and are able to provide an exciting, unique and also educational holiday experience.

Concert and Aperitif at the Palazzo dei Capitani

90 minutes

Classical concert in Malcesine.
Esperienza a Malcesine

From€ 22,00
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Private Tour Rome

12 - 13 hours

An excursion to savour all the majesty and timeless charm of Rome in one day
Excursion in Rome

From€ 292,00
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Private Tour Florence

12 - 13 hours

Private excursion to spend a day discovering the fascinating city of Florence
Excursion in Florence

From€ 177,00
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Verona Day Tour

8 hours

Tour of Verona to fall in love with the city of Romeo and Juliet in one day
Excursion in Verona

From€ 55,00
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Day trip to Venice from Lake Garda

12 - 13 hours

Day trip to Venice from Lake Garda, to live the magic of the city of love
Excursion in Venice

From€ 82,00
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